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About Us


In a marketplace full of products and distractions a company that can save you time and improve your standard of living will always win. With endless gimmicks and an unlimited product range it can become confusing on which products prove worthwhile. We are dedicated to researching and testing a variety of products across a wide range of parents to bring you only the finest products at affordable prices across the UK. Word of mouth and great customer experiences have shaped the reputation of our company.

Join the trend. Parents are using our brand and products all over the UK

Our company has been created with a unified goal to protect your children and exceed your expectations as parents.  Our company mission is to provide great products, outstanding customer experience and help parents reduce stress. Don’t take our word for it, please contact us with any questions you may have. We can assure you once you have purchased a product from Penguin International you will be rather pleased with the quality and customer service. We believe in repeat customers and are confident we can live up to our customers high standards.

The company was founded by parents who believe in making parenting pain free and enjoyable.

 “I am a parent and I always struggled with certain tasks such as feeding my young kids as well as the other daily tasks. I was always exhausted by the end of a day and sticking to a child’s & personal schedule seemed impossible as most parents will agree. This is why Penguin International was created to provide parents with products to help manage daily tasks and reduce stress. I deeply believe time is a gift and we should enjoy the journey and this deep belief has led us to delivering products to help make parenting less overwhelming, so you can enjoy the process and waste less time “- CEO Penguin Int.

Penguin International also focuses on protecting your child which is why our bibs and placemats are FDA approved and BPA free. Please see our video below of one of our products to aid feeding time for young kids and make life simpler for you.

From all of us at Penguin International we really hope you enjoy our products and welcome any questions you may have. Time is precious…waste it wisely.



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